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Video marketing

How to engage the audience trough choose-your-own-ending marketing videos

If you remember reading those choose-your-own-adventure books as a kid, I can imagine how awesome your childhood must have been. ...

Video marketing

How to double the succes of a video marketing campaign

Several marketing experts have projected that by 2019 video marketing will be EVERYTHING. As such, it’s essential that all businesses, ...

Video marketing

How to develop a video marketing strategy for SMBS

Small- and medium-sized businesses could benefit a lot from video marketing. They should take advantage of videos to promote their ...

Video marketing

How to develop a video marketing campaign on a startup budget

From social feeds to news articles, videos are everywhere online. They share information, promote products or services, and boost brand ...

Video strategy

How to create online videos powerful enough to change a brand

Videos are considered the most engaging promotion structure of modern-day advertising. In fact, it's set to blow up into a ...

Video strategy

How to create noteworthy Instagram video strategies

Can you imagine the excitement when Instagram extended its 15-second video limit to a 60-second one?Yes, it wasn’t ...