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Social media

How to maximize Instagram for video marketing

You may look at Instagram and see the limits of marketing. It has a relatively small community of users as ...

Video marketing

How to make the target market notice the videos

There are literally millions of videos online. No matter how specific the niche is, a brand has competition. As such, ...

Personalized video

How to make a personal connection through videos

The power of videos in solidifying a personal connection with viewers can't be magnified enough. Videos present possibilities to break ...

Video marketing

How to leverage the power of video marketing on all platforms

Quality marketing content now involves multimedia. This isn’t really surprising since humans are visual creatures. They love to experience ...

Social media

How to increase your Instagram video views

You know for a fact that Instagram videos work. You went all out in creating engaging videos. So why aren’...

Video marketing

How to increase ROI by adding buttons, forms and links to your video

The choice between your usual content and video content makes a huge difference. Video does everything that a regular text-based ...